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What Is Omega-3 Good For?

What Is Omega-3 Good For

Over the years, scientists have found many potential links between Omega-3 and good health, but it is only recently that we have learnt just what Omega-3 is good for.

The realization that it can help all aspects of health has also meant that there is a glut of manufacturers supplying Omega-3 supplements to a hungry market.

However, not all of the various supplements are the same – some might contain additives such as flavourings and extra nutrients to cover up a poor manufacturing process, or fishy after taste.

In fact, reading the ingredients panel can give a lot of clues as to the quality of the product, and how good it will be for your health.

But what is Omega-3 good for, and can you get it naturally? The answer is easy enough – Omega-3 is good for overall health, and it is found in fish and other foodstuffs. Although the biggest concentration is in fish, to get enough Omega-3 to be effective, you would have to eat a lot of fish. Every 100g of fish provides 1g of Omega-3.

That means that, for an average dose of 2 capsules, 2000 mg, you’d need to eat 200 kg of fish!

Clearly, whatever Omega-3 is good for; the best way to get it is as concentrated oil. In fact, feeding children with Omega-3 has shown marked improvements in brain health and activity. In adults it has shown effectiveness against inflammation based conditions such as asthma and arthritis, as well as protecting the heart and immune system.

Omega-3 also contains two important essential fatty acids – EPA and DHA – which help feed the brain. DHA, for example, is used as part of the brain cell’s walls, making them more flexible, and improving communication between brain cells.

It’s not just the ingredients that can be cause for concern. When considering what Omega-3 is good for, one also needs to consider the source. Some fish stocks are seriously overfished and live in polluted water. If these fish are consumed in high quantities, there may well be negative health impacts from the toxins and heavy metals which they contain.

Maxalife is different to most manufacturers in that respect. They have studied the best places to fish, and use only the best tuna and salmon from the unpolluted oceans around Antarctica and New Zealand.

The mxOmega 3 product that they extract from the fresh fish contains 100% pure natural fish oil processed using a special molecular distilling procedure. So, whatever Omega-3 is good for, the best source is all natural fish oil and the best of those is the mxOmega3 supplement from Maxalife.

Why Is Omega 3 Good For You Really

Do you find yourself asking, why is Omega 3 good for you? You are correct to resist jumping on every health craze that comes along. Sometimes, fad diets and nutritional concepts are just that — fads and wastes of money. It is good to be sceptical, and thoroughly inform yourself before making any decisions about your health and nutrition.

Benefits Of Omega 3

Fish oil is not a magical substance. It will not automatically add 10 years to your life, or cure every health ailment that you have. This said that it does have some tremendous healing properties.

Omega 3 fatty acids are credited with:

  • Prevention and treatment of certain cancers
  • Prevention and treatment of arthritis and osteoporosis
  • Memory and concentration improvement
  • Treatment for anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders
  • Treatment for ADD and ADHD
  • Reduced risk for heart disease and stroke
  • Improved blood pressure and cardiovascular health
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Treatment of acne
  • Improved skin condition
  • Weight loss and healthy weight maintenance
  • Treatment and reduction of PMS and menopause symptoms

Omega 3 clearly has a lot of important responsibilities. Your health can greatly improve with the addition of these fatty acids to your diet.

Where To Find DHA And EPA

DHA and EPA are the primary components of Omega 3. They can be found in oily deep water fish such as tuna. Other fish that include these fatty acids are anchovies, herring, sardines, and hoki fish. The third component in Omega 3 is ALA.

ALA can be found in vegetarian sources, such as flax seed, dark green leafy vegetables, walnuts, and different oils. Unfortunately, ALA is only useful after it has been converted by the body into either DHA or EPA.

Consuming EPA and DHA directly is far more efficient than consuming only ALA. It can be difficult to consume enough of these fatty acids from whole food sources to get the maximum benefit. You also run the risk of heavy metal toxicity if you eat too much mercury containing fish.

Supplements can help to fill the gap left by a diet that does not include much fish. They are made from fish, and contain concentrated levels of DHA and EPA. By incorporating a high quality fish oil supplement into your diet, you can acquire all of your recommended levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, without offending your taste buds or consuming toxins, such as mercury.

Choosing a well made supplement is essential for your health and safety. Some fish oil brands have been found to allow mercury and PCBs to pass through into their product. This can be harmful and very dangerous, particularly for pregnant mothers. Thankfully, when you buy Xtend-Life, you are buying a promise of quality.

Xtend-Life supplements are sourced only from fish caught in clean waters. The product goes through a strict purification process to remove every trace of toxic build-up that may have been present in the fish.

Xtend-Life uses only the freshest fish in their supplements. This means that the capsules are tasteless and odourless. There is no need for preservatives and flavourings to cover up a fishy taste. If you are asking the question, why Omega 3 good is for you, take a look at the benefits provided by Xtend-Life.

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