Theratears Nutrition Omega-3 Supplement

Theratears Nutrition Omega-3 Supplement

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  • Thera Tears Nutrition 1200mg Omega-3 Supplement with Vitamin E. Supports eye convenience & healthy tears *. Enhanced flaxseed/fish oil mix. One month supply. 90 simple swallow pills.

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The omega-3s in TheraTears Nutrition originated from naturally grown cold-pressed lignan-free flaxseed oil, and premium molecularly-distilled (mercury-free, PCB-free) fish oil. This flaxseed/fish oil mix supplements omega-3 metabolic process better than flaxseed or fish oil alone, and makes TheraTears Nutrition excellent for healthy tears and eyes, and excellent for healthy saliva and oral health. “Our landmark research shows that omega-3 nutrition is critical for normal tear function that is necessary to maintain healthy, comfortable eyes throughout the day. And new research also shows that TheraTears Nutrition also supports saliva production that is necessary for oral health and mouth comfort. Try TheraTears Nutrition and see what we have accomplished.” Jeffrey P. Gilbrand, MD

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Question Question 1

Im A Female And Id Loke To Know, Will The Flaxseed In This Boost Or Disrupt Estrogen?

Nope. This is simply oil which will not interfere. The entire flax seeds must be prevented.

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We have actually had 2 lasek surgical treatments and as a by-product of that we have actually handled persistent dry eye for some time now and we need to state definitely no product on the marketplace that we have actually attempted has actually worked along with this. If you dedicate to taking it every early morning with a glass of water you will see some excellent outcomes about a month to a month and half in. We have actually gone from utilizing eyedrops every half hour to hour to now just utilizing them a few times a day, some days we just utilize them when. We likewise utilize the there tears lubing drops to accompany this. We absolutely suggest this product. It likewise has actually the included advantage of benefiting the rest of your body because it has omega 3 and vitamin e.

The only product we have found that really assists with dry eyes.

Fantastic product.

We have persistent dry eyes and take the thera tears for relief together with their synthetic tears and restatitis. The soft gels work well. We can feel the relief are taking them. We just take 2 a day rather of the suggested 3 times and we divided the time taking one after breakfast and supper since otherwise our stomach gets upset. We likewise less fish burps than we finish with other fish oil supplements.

Thera tears is an excellent business. We had episodes of dry eye. Thera tears nutrition is omega 3 oil pills, that will offer you moisture in your eyes, plus your overall body. We got relief in 2 weeks taking the capsulesevery day. We prepare to take the pills permanently. Thera tears eye drops for day and night are mild and offer convenience. The eye drops will assist up until the omega pills take control of. Thera tears have an excellent customer support, andwill assist with questions you have.

Our physician suggested that we utilize these because we have dry eye. We have actually taken them for a few years now. Our drug store ran out of them and regional drug stores do not bring them any longer. We rapidly found that our eyes were red and aching without this pills. Thank goodness we might purchase them through. We had no concept just how much they were assisting me.

Great for usage by folks like ourself with dry skin and dry eye issues.

It was suggested by our physician to manage blepharitis. Functions excellent up until now.

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