Thera Tears Nutrition

Thera Tears Nutrition

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  • Thera Tears nutrition is omega-3 supplement with enhanced flax seed/fish oil mix and includes Vitamin E
  • 2 Packs of 90 simple to swallow pills
  • Thera Tears nutrition operates at the gene level as a direct source of EPA which supports healthy immune function.

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Supports eye convenience and healthy tears.

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We have actually had dry eyes for numerous several years. Never ever truly troubled us up until we had lasik surgical treatment. Considering that this surgical treatment have actually been experiencing persistent dry eye signs. Watering, irritation and swelling. The extreme watering triggered soreness and discomfort on the skin surrounding the external corners. Exceptionally uneasy and frustrating. This took place on and off, however possibly had this issue more than 50% of the time. This has actually assisted a lot. To lastly have found relief is fantastic. We have actually been taking this product now for more than 3 months. On our fourth bottle now. Did have signs happen as soon as given that, however we believe it was because of avoiding our fish oil for a number of days. We can not lack this product. Should offer it about 3 months to see outcomes. Recently our eyes have actually been feeling 100% regular.

We have actually been utilizing thera tears nutrition, 1200mg omega-3 supplement pills for a number of years to assist alleviate dry eyes triggered by an underlying physical condition. We were doubtful initially however as time has actually gone on, we have actually needed to count on otc eye drops less and less. Our eyes feel fantastic and are much more comfy. They do not work over night so you might not experience relief in a week however stay with it. If you wish to prevent the periodic fish oil taste that includes burping, take them during the night right before bed. Remarkable product and we will be continuing these for the foreseeable future.

We have actually been taking our dry eye syndrome seriously for the previous year (we just have a moderate case). We changed our eye makeup to a hypoallergenic range, changed to optometrist advised eye drops, began utilizing a heated eye mask for 10 minutes in the early morning and have actually been taking these vitamins for the previous 3 months. Considering that taking these, we have actually discovered a significant distinction in our eyes. In general, we have less soreness and inflammation. Absolutely worth a shot, however stay with it for a few months prior to surrendering. We are firm follower that these vitamins have actually made the most significant effect on our eye health.

Considering that residing in utah our eyes have actually ended up being incredibly dry. Taking 2 of these vitamins a day has aid enormously with the dryness.

We were taking another brand name more pricey. This one works practically as excellent.

Been utilizing it regularly for about 8 weeks, and can inform a significant enhancement in the dryness of our eyes. You need to take it for a while to see a modification however it deserves it and is working.

Fantastic product, advised by ouroptometrist, truly works.

Would not lack them.

For dry eyes, watering eyes.

Great for dry eyes.

Fantastic seller. This product assists a fair bit.

Fantastic product. Truly assists our dry-eye concerns. Would be much even worse without taking these.

Easy to find with and simple to purchase and was advised by our eye dr.

Our eyes.

Essential to preserve eye healthy.

It keeps our eyes for watering, and burning.

Shipment was on time and we have no issues with the product quality. We have actually been taking it for many years.


We were extremely happily shocked to find that within a week of taking 3 pills/day, our watery, scratchy, burning eyes went back to regular. We will be taking these for life.

We have actually attempted numerous other products in the past for our sjogren’s and serious dry eyes with extremely little relief. We can’t worry enough that you need to remain on this product for a minimum of 6 weeks or two prior to seeing a huge distinction so for any unfavorable evaluation where they did not trial it for the suggested amount of time you need to neglect their viewpoint. There is no remedy for our dry eyes nevertheless this assists us to handle them. We will continue to buy this in the future and advise it to others. ** upgrade- we erroneously left these out of our 2 week medication coordinator and have actually discovered a huge distinction in the dryness of our eyes. We will start utilizing these once again today. ** if you seem like this evaluation has actually been handy to you please click the button below:-RRB-.

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