Omega XL With Omega 3 Fatty Acids

There is a lot of information floating around suggesting that adults with the highest levels of omega-3 in their blood from taking supplements like Omega XL are less likely to die from a number of illnesses, than those with lower levels. There is some evidence to this effect, but is it really true or is there something else involved?

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While Omega XL has long since been known as a natural anti-inflammatory, there are still many sceptics out there who see this as a marketing ploy. Well, you can be the judge. With over 30 years of university research demonstrating its effectiveness, Omega XL is the leading natural anti-inflammatory and potent omega-3 complex available today.

So what makes omega-3 such a critical part of the Omega XL formula?

According to a Reuters Health article, Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, (the leading author of a recent study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School in Boston,) suggested that people should include more oily fish into their diets.

In this study that was done in 1992 to 2008, researchers took blood samples from 2692 U.S. adults in the age range 69 to 79 (as reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine). These participants did not have any coronary heart disease, stroke, or heart failure at the beginning of this study.

Researchers measured the amount of omega 3 fatty acids in their blood, and then tracked these participants up to 2008 to see how many of them had died from various causes. At the end of this study 1625 of these participants had died.

It was found that people who had the highest levels of omega 3 fatty acids in their blood stream at the start were about 27% less likely to die over the course of the study, compared to the ones with lower levels. This works out to be about 2 extra years of added life for people in the target group with higher fatty acid levels.

So did this study prove that those with a higher level of omega 3 fatty acids in their blood stream less likely to die?

While there might still be some inconclusive evidence to that effect, there is one factor that we should bear in mind; Omega XL has been proven to be the most potent omega-3 complex in the marketplace based on various studies done over the last 30 years.

In recent years, there seem to be an overwhelming amount of information about the importance of consuming more fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Now while it has long been thought of to offer protection against various health issues, there still seem to be some mixed reaction to these claims.

Alice Lichtenstein, the director of Tufts University’s Cardiovascular Nutrition Laboratory in Boston, was a bit cautious about the study that was conducted. She made the assertion that the new study did not prove omega 3 fatty acids were responsible for keeping people alive.

According to her, “Those people who consumed more fish also consumed a higher level of fruit, more vegetables and less red meat. The question is, is it just that they consumed more fish, or is it a dietary pattern?”

Lichtenstein who was not involved with this study also went on to say – “I think people should avoid thinking any single food or supplement is going to be a substitute for a generally healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s this paper or any that comes out in the future, we need to face the fact that it’s the whole package and not just one individual component.” Now while this study did not prove that omega 3 fatty acids could lead to increase longevity, it also did not disapprove. It provided some legitimacy to this claim, and further strengthens the argument why this is an important addition to our daily dietary intake.

However, we must understand that although the Omega XL supplement provides an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, no one food or supplement will lead to an optimum lifestyle. This will require a balanced approach that includes food from the various food groups, eliminating foods that are not wholesome, and of course, exercise.


Now, based on the results of the various studies that have been done on omega-3 fatty acids, it would seem that a diet including this added nutrient would prove beneficial to you… and an Omega XL supplement might be the answer. But with all this, you must remember that it is not one thing, but a combination of factors that will ultimately lead to a healthy you.

Last update on 2021-08-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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