NOW Foods Sunflower Lecithin

NOW Foods Sunflower Lecithin

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    Question Question 1

    Variety Of Capsulesper Bottle?

    100 per container.

    Question Question 2

    This Is A 2 Load Of The Number Of Softgels Per Container/Total?

    100 per container, so 200 overall

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    Simply began taking the now brand name of sunflower lecithin. Lecithin is understand to be a fat emulsifier and consists of particular nutrients for brain health. We have actually taken soy lecithin in the past with excellent outcomes, however current proof reveals that soy products can prevent thyroid function. We have understand this for some time as we are likewise hypothyroid and take additional hrt. In the past we changed from peanut butter to sunflower butter as it is much healthier (and tastes better, in our viewpoint), so when we saw a lecithin product stemmed from sunflowers we understood this would be a much healthier alternative. Up until now we like it a lot. We will upgrade this evaluation in possibly another month.

    This is among the very best sources for lecithin for heart and artery health.


    Exceptional product, high quality, and helpful for you. We e what this provides for our system, it has actually made a huge modification.

    Appears like this supplement assists however it’s difficult to inform because we take a lot of supplements.

    This has actually been a lifesaver for us. We ah w had some actually bad clogged up ducts, however we take this and it assists.

    Soy totally free lecithin.

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