Metagenics - OmegaGenics GLA 240

Metagenics – OmegaGenics GLA 240

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Here are a few main benefits of Metagenics – OmegaGenics GLA 240.

  • Supports healthy eicosanoid balance *
  • Assists assistance the health of fragile cell membranes *
  • Assists assistance a healthy balance of series 1 prostaglandins *
  • This product is non- GMO and gluten totally free

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OmegaGenics GLA 240 includes borage seed oil, a necessary fat that is transformed in the body to DGLA (dihomo- gammalinolenic acid), the direct precursor of advantageous series 1 prostaglandins. *

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Why Is This More Than Half Off At Metagenics Website?

Possibly due to the fact that it is a needed supplement for some individuals?

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We have actually been taking metagenics supplements for a number of years based upon the suggestion of our physicians. They might appear pricey however the brand name is well worth it,.

Excellent product.

Excellent alternative to fish oil terrific for healthy skin.

We have actually been utilizing metagenics products for usdical suggestion and they work quite well on me, exceptional product.

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