Melaleuca Coldwater Omega 3

Melaleuca Coldwater Omega 3

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  • Melaleuca Vigor Coldwater Omega-3
  • Supports Brain, Eye, & Heart Health *
  • Created with Pure Coldwater Omega-3 Fish Oils
  • Dietary Supplement 60 Soft-gels. Offers 1470mg of Fish Oil Concentrate Per Serving (660 mg DHA and 270 mg EPA)
  • Serving Size 2 Softgels – Servings Per Container 30

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Promotes brain, eye, and cardiovascular system health and total health *

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Question Question 1

Is Melaleuca Brand Name Omega 3 Fish Oil Pharmaceutical Grade?

we do not understand however there are not a great deal of extra active ingredients.

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We believed this was an outstanding omega 3 so we changed from the brand name we had actually been taking. After purchasing a bottle a month for the past few months, when we went to purchase today the cost had actually leapt up to a point that we can no longer manage to buy it. We returned to something more budget-friendly.

These are excellent. You do not understand just how much they assist up until you run out for a few weeks. Then unexpectedly you find you can’t keep in mind how to utilize words. Then you return on them and begin to seem like an operating grownup once again. Melaleuca makes a tablet called unforgettables. We like them better, however can’t find them anywhere. These are extremely close 2nd.

It’s not as fishy as other brand name over-the-counter. We do not feel much distinction from others that we took previously as it’s constantly provide us headache. Hope other individuals who took this will not have the very same negative effects as me.

An actually excellent product.


We utilized to be a melaleuca member up until just recently. We acquired this product and just took have actually of the needed dose for our brain health mainly. After or near 1 month, we observed that our hair was longer and few split ends, and our nails were longer and more powerful. This holds true and we have actually just been taking the tablets for possibly 45 days now at 1 tablet a day not 2. This is a terrific product that we advise to anybody trying to find much healthier hair, nails, or brain function: we can not remember information like we utilized to so our purchase of this product was mainly because of that however the other benefits are amazing. Attempt it.

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