Mega-DHA 60 Softgels

Mega-DHA 60 Softgels

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  • 60 Softgels
  • Serving Size: 2 Softgels
  • 30 Servings Per Container

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Mega-DHA 60 Softgels

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2 Bottles Or 1?

Load of 2.

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We take high-dha fish oil on the physician s suggestion for dealing with dry eye. The additional advantage is that our arthritic hands have much, much less discomfort. We like all things crafty and our hands had actually started injuring a lot that we could not make fashion jewelry or knit and had actually even concerned the location where it was getting difficult to hold a pencil. It took about 6 weeks to begin observing the distinction and we take 4 caps a day, however it s worth it. Some early mornings we have one fishy burp; most early mornings none. We take it with a lipase-based gastrointestinal enzyme since we have actually had weight loss surgical treatment that triggers significant decline in fat absorbtion, however anybody without that sort of problem shouldn t require it. We chose this brand name based upon the quantity of dha per pill and worth price-wise.

These with the high level of dha dropped our cholesterol like a rock. More than 20 points. We have actually utilized this brand name for a number of years and they are regularly high quality. It can be a little complicated from the label stating 1000mg (that s the day-to-day not the per tablet dose) however to get the 1000 mg of dha you take 2 of these 500 mg tablets every day.

Iran short on he this product, and we reordered by since we understood the reacts rapidly with all our orders. For which we are really grateful. E. Vencl.

Have actually bought these a number of times and are really delighted with the product.

Been utilizing this product for several years. What we like most is the component makeup. This is among the few that had the mix we desired.

Our physician suggested this product to assist enhance our heart’s fat balance.

Thanks a lot.

Have actually gotten this in the past and has actually been excellent.

Outstanding product no after taste and simple to swallow.

This is the very best dha tablet out there. 50% dha/20% epa is the perfect consumption from our research studies and this is the just we can find that had that. Our only qualm is they just recently doubled the cost. These had to do with $11-13 for the exact same 90 count. Now 2 bottles for $46.?. We can mathematics, greedy nature’s method.

The very best for brain, basic wellness eyes and whatever else like arthritis and so on. We will not lack it particularly in mix with ubiquinone co q 10. Our 3rd box. Dha is the most essential part in fish ol supplement.

Was suggested by our doctor. Have actually not utilized long. Will require test to confirm efficiency. For me, this is a big pill and we need to take with warm to hot drink to swallow.


Utilizing this for over a year. Great for remaining alert.


It was truly handy. We did see the modifications.

We take it since it benefits us, however it has a fishy “burp” as it absorbs.

Dr. Oz advises 650 mg. Dha; this producthas it; it appears to enhance other mood-enhancingmeasures we are taking. We have actually currently positioned oursecond order.

Finest dha levels around.

Love it.

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