Kirkland Signature Krill Oil

Kirkland Signature Krill Oil

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Kirkland Signature Krill Oil.

    Question Question 1

    Is This Brand Name Solvent Drawn Out??

    we called Kirkland Signature and the Krill Oil is solvent drawn out.

    Question Question 2

    This Krill Oil Exp Date Is 2018.04, Right?

    No, the one we offer is brand-new and has at least a year prior to the expiration date.

    Question Question 3

    What Is The Expiration Date?

    expiration date is printed on the edge of the label on the bottle.

    Question Question 4

    What Is Expiration Date?


    Question Question 5

    Does It Consist Of Sorbitol?

    No, it does not. It includes gelatine (porcine), glycerine, water, ethyl vanillin. Shelfish (krill)

    Question Question 6

    What Is Expiration Date? Thanks?

    purchased in sept 19 date on bottle states oct 2020

    Question Question 7

    Is This As Excellent As Mega Red? Burbless? Unappetizing? Trying To Find Something Cheaper Than Mega Red.?

    we have actually never ever attempted the mega red, however we have actually never ever had a concern with burping and there is no taste at all.we have actually been taking this for nearly a year now without any problems at all.

    Question Question 8

    How Big Are The Tablets?

    As somebody who is delicate to tablet size, these are sensible and about 3/8″ long. It assists that they are softgels.

    Question Question 9

    What Is The Extraction Technique?

    our understanding is through solvent extraction

    Question Question 10

    We Would Like To See A Breakdown Of Things Like Eph And Dha In Each Tablet.Also Sizeof Each Tablel.A Photo Of The Ingredients Label Would Be Helpful?

    Purchased these late March 2017, here’s what it says on label: Calories: 5, Calories from Fat: 5, Total Fat: 0.5g, Cholesterol: 12mg, Krill Oil: 500mg (Omega-3 Fatty Acids: 120mg EPA: 60mg, DHA: 30mg), Phospholipids: 200mg, Esterified Astaxanthin: 150mcg.Tablet size is similar to other 500mg Krill Oil brands.

    Question Question 11

    What Is Exp?


    Question Question 12

    Are The Softgel Capsules Vegan?

    No, the capsules are made from Bovine Gelatin.

    Question Question 13

    Does Anyone Know Who Is The Krill Oil Manufacturer Of This Product?

    Not sure. we have been buying it for 10 years and it is exactly like a Mega Red. This is also a great deal. It has kept our bf healthy after a close heart attack in 05. Good luck. we highly recommend this product.

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