What Is Omega-3 Good For?

Over the years, scientists have found many potential links between Omega-3 and good health, but it is only recently that we have learnt just what Omega-3 is good for. The realization that it can help all aspects of health has also meant that there is a glut of manufacturers supplying Omega-3 supplements to a hungry […]

What Is Omega 3 And Why Do You Need It?

Those who have not been part of the latest health phenomenon may still need to know exactly what is Omega 3? Omega 3 fatty acids are comprised of DHA, EPA, and ALA. DHA stands for docosahexaenoic acid. This essential acid is responsible for much of the construction of eye, nerve, and brain construction. It is […]

What Foods Contain Omega 3 And How To Incorporate Them?

If you are wondering what foods contain Omega 3, you are probably trying to achieve health benefits by increasing your fish oil consumption. Omega 3 contains 3 key fatty acids — ALA, DHA, and EPA. You can find each of these in natural whole foods, though you may want to consider a supplement, as well. […]

How To Spot An Omega 3 Deficiency?

Recognizing the symptoms of an Omega 3 deficiency is important. Often times, people see doctors and are treated with medication wrongly. In many of these instances, the culprit is a simple deficiency of these essential fatty acids. A deficiency may reveal itself through unusual symptoms that you would not think to associate with a nutritional […]

How To Choose Good Omega 3 Vitamins?

Investing in Omega 3 vitamins is a decision that can bring you a world of benefits for very little cost. You will need to evaluate 3 elements in selecting a fish oil supplement. These aspects are effectiveness, safety, and value. If you can find a product that incorporates all 3 of these elements, you will […]