Bluebonnet Nutrition Super Earth Lecithin Granules

Bluebonnet Nutrition Super Earth Lecithin Granules

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  • Vegan, Gluten Free, No Sugar Included
  • Originated From Non-GMO Soy
  • Might be sprayed on cereals, salads or integrated into stews, soups, sauces, gravies, juices and baked products
  • Blends immediately without making use of a mixer

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Bluebonnet’s Super Earth Lecithin Granules are stemmed from non-GMO soybeans that were sustainably acquired under an identity maintained traceability program. That implies no genetically customized products were utilized throughout any stage of the production cycle from farm-to-table, consisting of planting, harvesting, and storage, while at the exact same time, lessening human effect on the environment. In addition, these granules offer naturally taking place phospholipids, which are very important constituents of biological membranes that support cognitive and cardiovascular health. Plus, this natural source of phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylinositol, and phosphatidylethanolamine colors, sweeteners or tastes, making it the ideal entire food addition to any healthy diet plan. Readily available in easy-to-mix granular kind for optimum assimilation and absorption.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Does This Lecithin Have Kosher Accreditation?

This product is not kosher.

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We take lecithin (phosphatidylcholine) as an anti-aging and cognitive function boosting supplement. There suffices science based proof, released in peer-review publications, to support making use of phosphatidylcholine for these functions. While we choose non-soy sources, the only non-soy lecithin quickly readily available on the marketplace is the sunflower lecithin by now foods in softgels. And the quantity of the phosphatidylcholine per pill there is low; 7-8 large pills of the now lecithin offer the exact same quantity of phosphatidylcholine as 1 tablespoon of this lecithin by bluebonnet. We take both products, however to restate, we are especially delighted with the quantity of the phosphatidylcholine in the bluebonnet granules. The 2nd thing we like about this product is that it is non-gmo. Non-gmo soy products are uncommon, since rather over 90% of soy in the U.S.A. is gmo. The taste of the product is okay specifically when the product is fresh. Its taste is not likely to make you grab the 2nd serving, however it is a supplement, not a dessert. If looking for a mouthwatering reward, we would suggest a piece of cheesecake, not dietary supplements:–RRB-. A word of care -provided the size of the container, we would suggest keeping it in the refrigerator. Otherwise, it might get oxidized (= it will not taste fresh) by the time you reach the bottom of the container. The following is a really subjective anecdotal proof, however we likewise think we saw an enhancement in our psychological skill considering that we had actually begun taking this supplement. Lastly, it is not costly compared to numerous other supplements that work. The bottom line is that we will keep purchasing this product and we would suggest it to anybody else. (we are nutritional expert, an anti-aging scientist, a really innovative supplement customer, and we own a science-based dietary supplement business. We are not related to bluebonnet or any suppliers of their products).

Delicious and creaour in our early mornings healthy smoothies. Let the shake rest a day and the lecithin will have gelyfied and thickened the shake into a sort of pudding. We extremely suggest it.

This product is fantastic for lower your chrolesterol extremely reliable if you attempting to loss wheigt ideal suitable for you daily utilize.

I bought this not actually understanding how we would utilize it in our meals. Still attempting to get it right. Wil utilize all of it and after that go from there.

Tastes horrible. Precisely what we bought.

We utilize lecithin daily for minimizing cholesterol. It preserves the healthy structure of the cells and consequently helping the decrease of hardening of the arteries. We utilize it in our protein shakes and it is extremely yummy. We like this product quite.

Great tasting lecithin, utilized in healthy smoothies and a vitamin c beverage we make.

We take this to, well, umm., to”bust a bigger load” It works, not gon na lie. Didn’t actually believe it would. Simply get out of our method when we do or we may pierce right through you. We take it with our protein shake; tasty.

Excellent, super.

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