Blue Mountain Love Raw Foods Sunflower Lecithin

Blue Mountain Love Raw Foods Sunflower Lecithin

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    Here are some more information on Blue Mountain Love Raw Foods Sunflower Lecithin.
    Sunflower seed lecithin consists of a high level of choline, which separates cholesterol in the body and it is essential for the correct performance of the brain. Sunflower lecithin works in keeping typical cholesterol levels as part of a low cholesterol diet plan and is likewise an abundant source of phosphatidylcholine which is necessary for healthy cell and brain function. The high levels of choline are essential for healthy liver and brain function. Sunflower lecithin is terrific when contributed to healthy smoothies, soups and sauces. It likewise is extremely helpful as a thickening representative. Sunflower Lecithin is gluten-free, kosher. Semi liquid type (like thick honey). ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: PREMIUM SUNFLOWER LECITHIN (traditionally grown/non natural).

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Blue Mountain Love Raw Foods Sunflower Lecithin.

    Question Question 1

    Why Does The Product Description State Its Conventional/Nonorganic???? The Only Factor We Are Taking a look at It Is Due To The Fact That The Brand Name States Organic?

    This product is non natural. Then business’s name is “Blue Mountain Organics” and the majority of their line of product is natural however not this Sunflower Lecithin.

    Question Question 2

    Is It Liquid Or Strong?

    It is thick and soft. Not liquid. However hollow. It is fantastic.

    Question Question 3

    Has Anybody Utilized This To Make Creams?

    we have not we have actually just utilized it internally, we never ever thought of utilizing it because method, thank you we will check out utilizing it for that function.

    Question Question 4

    Has Anybody Had Experience Utilizing This Product To Aid With Nursing?What Was Your Experience, Just How Much Did You Utilize, And What Foods Did You Mix Into?

    Sorry, no nursing experience.we utilize it as an emulsifier for our house made foods that require one, house made chocolate and salad dressings for example.It tastes great, nothing nasty, so you might put it into anything you wanted.A gravy perhaps?Maybe house made yogurt?i can’t believe it would destroy anything like som Sorry, no nursing experience.we utilize it as an emulsifier for our house made foods that require one, house made chocolate and salad dressings for example.It tastes great, nothing nasty, so you might put it into anything you wanted.A gravy perhaps?Maybe house made yogurt?i can’t believe it would destroy anything like some supplements we have actually stirred into our food to conceal the additional nutrition.:) As far as dosing, do a google search and see what they state, however we would begin at a teaspoon and see how you feel, how it impacts your milk production, and increase or below there.Your body is various than another body, so record your experience and publish it when you get it figured out, so you can assist another person with the very same question in the future.

    Question Question 5

    Is This Mechanically Processed (No Chemicals) Or Chemically Processed With Hexane Or Acetone?

    Somebody on Labyrinth in a Mirror states this product is no longer natural and is NOT mechanically processed. Somebody on that website points out Lekithos lecithin– a fantastic product and extremely pure in powder type. Not low-cost, nevertheless.

    Question Question 6

    Do You Know What The Ph Of This Product Is? We Were Utilizing The Swanson Brand Name To Make Liposomal Vit C And It Is Exceptionally Acidic – A Ph Of Less Than 6.?

    we are sorry – we never ever evaluated it, found it to be extremely costly, proceeded to a brand name called ‘Azure’and have actually because escaped making the Lipo-C.

    Question Question 7

    So Mine Is Rancid, Anybody Else?

    we have actually never ever had this go rancid. we just utilize it blended with vodka to grease baking pans, so it lasts permanently and we simply keep the rest in a cool basement does not smell rancid, however it’s not an enjoyable flavor.If you wish to take it bymouth get the granular kind.

    Question Question 8

    Is This Product Chemically Or Mechanically Separated.If Chemically Separated What Chemical?

    Do not understand– however examine out– At LEKITHOS, all products entitled 100% Natural are made without chemical solvents such as ethanol, hexane and/or acetone. These are:100% Natural Liquid Sunflower Lecithin– 16, 32 and 128 fl oz100% Natural Sunflower Lecithin Capsules– 120 ct

    Question Question 9

    Do We Required A Preservative For This, When Making Lotions Without Water?

    Nope, mine lasts a long time kept in a cool basement space.

    Our Insights:

    See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Blue Mountain Love Raw Foods Sunflower Lecithin, these may be helpful for better understanding.

    We are utilizing this to make liposomal vitamin c. The very first thing one needs to do is liquify the lecithin in water and it actually does not wish to do that. Our company believe this is an outstanding product however be prepared to let it soak for a number of hours or over night, stirring sometimes with a fork or blend– or it’ll simply sit there like a lox. You’ll most likely need to mix it for longer than your instructions show, too. Do not fear, a longer mixing time will not harm anything. This things is likewise sticky and untidy– like an extremely thick molasses. Nevertheless, it is a great choice if you are trying to find a non-soy product. Having stated all that, this is all we have actually utilized and perhaps granular lecithin is simply as hesitant to entirely liquify with a swish and a desire.

    This things is so great you can consume it raw.

    I believed it was natural. However it does not state that it is. Oh well, still works terrific for our coffee creamer.

    We sure am delighted they began offering this. For a while all we might find was the dreadful soy lecithin and declined to take it. This is actually great.

    We oredered this product due to non-gmo natural ranking in lie of utilizing a soy product. Generic benefits of sunflower lecithin are advantageous compared soy, our company believe, for endocrine function factors to consider and possible gmo charectaristics. We purchased a ‘one gallon’ container from another source as we are a severe ‘worth buyer’ and found ~$ 25 for 16 oz versus ~$ 43 too great of an offer to miss. It arrivedfrom the dalles, or recently and is great. Truefoods is the supplier and the site is extremely simple to find.


    Great things. We utilize it for making vegan coconut oil butter and it comes out completely whenever. Ready to attempt utilizing it to make our own liposomal vitamin c, so we will upgrade this evaluation if it does anything less than a 5 star task.

    It was okay for making liposomal vitamin c it liquify great in water. It tasted ok do not understand much about the pureness of this product we have actually read things online about how its produced.

    This is a fantastic source of choline, we include it to our healthy smoothies every day, would extremely suggest it for better health.

    Utilize it in skin care products and love that it’s not gmo. Worked well in our products and liquified quickly.

    Great service, and great quality.

    We checked out lecithin years earlier in an old nutrition book by adele davis, and chose to attempt it. We liked it, or liked the concept of taking it anyhow, however stopped taking it when we found out that some health issue we were having at the time were connected to soy in our diet plan. Our health enhanced considerably when we stopped consuming soy, however we missed out on the lecithin. We enjoyed to find just recently that other kinds of lecithin were readily available. One source is sunflowers. We attempted sunflower lecithin pills, however was less than enthused about them. Absolutely nothing incorrect with them, however they seemed like an inert food in some way, perhaps due to the fact that of the processing when it’s taken into the pills. We found loverawfoods raw sunflower lecithin online a few weeks earlier and chose to attempt it. It’s a little expensive, not a lot the product itself, which is fairly priced, however when you integrate the product rate with the shipping, it builds up. However we are delighted we purchased it. We actually love it. It’s terrific to be able to consume lecithin once again after all of these years. To repeat: sunflower lecithin is not like soy lecithin. Soy lecithin is a hazardous waste product marketed for human intake (made typically from genetically customized soybeans). It’s hazardous and bad for you. Sunflower lecithin is a helpful food originated from sunflower seeds. And better yet, the loverawfoods brand name is raw. Extremely cool. It tastes like extremely fresh sunflower seeds. We will keep purchasing it as long as lrf keeps making it. If you’re brand-new to lecithin, we would suggest blending some into a shake, till you establish a taste for it. We actually consume it by the spoonful. However we understand that’s uncommon:) many people would wish to blend it into some food.

    Like the other customer kept in mind, never ever consume soy lecithin, in spite of it’s claims it originates from gmo’s soy which is extremely hazardous, and soy is not suggested for anybody anyways. [. ] we began purchasing this when we started making our own nut milks, primarily hemp, which provides it a great creaour texture and avoids separation. (which is why it soy lecithin in about all processed foods) love sunflower products and consume them typically. Extremely healthy, sustainable food source and terrific for the environment. This is a fantastic product, lasts a very long time, depending upon how you utilize it. We put a spoonful in for our nut milks which lasts us a couple days.

    Truly like this type better than the powder. Exceptional quality and is better at emulsifying than powdered lecithin.

    We – like – it. If you are soy-sensitive, have hormone concerns, over 30, or just want to decrease or remove your consumption of soy-based products, love raw foods sunflower lecithin is great. We are vegetarian and have actually delighted in fearn’s soy-based liquid lecithin for many years, however established an allergy-like reaction to soy and have actually needed to make dietary modifications for health factors. So, in addition to finding out how to make a soy-free tofu and milk from scratch (any white bean will operate in your soy milk-maker), you can envision how tough it is to find a soy-free alternative in basic when soy has actually been the go-to alternative for numerous food and cosmetics makers throughout the years. Pros: it looks, tastes and deals with the like other liquid lecithin products and can be utilized in food or/and hair/skin dishes, and is get totally free shipping on. Cons: it can be found in a much smaller sized container and/but expenses 2-3times more than other lecithin products, which is actually ludicrous. In general we like the product a lot and will continue to buy it till a less expensive soy-free replacement can befound Our grade: b, or 4-stars.

    This plainly is the genuine offer as it gives off sunflower seeds. Nevertheless we want it was packaged in a different way. It has the consistency of molasses and makes it difficult to put into things without making a substantial mess.

    Fantastic product and terrific business to deal with.

    Great quality.

    We utilized this product to make liposomal vitamin c and it emulsifies effectively would suggest to anybody great product.

    Easy payment. Quick shipping. Functions as marketed. Extremely healthy and natural:-RRB-.

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