Amazing Herbs Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil

Amazing Herbs Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Amazing Herbs Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil.

  • Newly cold-pressed (first-pressing) utilizing just the greatest quality NON-GMO and naturally sourced Nigella Sativa seeds
  • Consists of 2 really effective substances Nigellone, an anti-histamine, and Thymoquinone, an anti-inflammatory
  • Has a spicy and pungent taste and is pushed from Indian or Turkish seeds

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Size: 16 Fl Oz |Design: PremiumAmazing Herbs Black Seed oil is an important source of EFA’s 3/6/9, the foundation of cells that assist the body produce Prostaglandin E1. Storage – might be kept cooled or kept at space temperature level, avoid heat or direct sunshine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Amazing Herbs Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil.

Question Question 1

Simply Bought Our Very First Bottle Of This Things And Found The Odor To Be Actually Strong; Nearly Like Gasoline?Is This A Regular Odor?

Yes at any time we buy this and it is available in a plastic bottle it smells like strong chemical, nearly like paint thinner. However when it remains in a glass bottle it smells and tastes like typical black seed oil being very first peppery than smooth.

Question Question 2

Is This One Pure Blackbseed Oil?, Or Does It Have Fillers?

The following appears on the Amazing Herbs site: “Amazing Herbs Premium Black Seed oil (Black Cumin oil) is freshly cold-pressed (first-pressing) using only the highest quality NON-GMO and organically sourced Nigella Sativa seeds and Guaranteed 100% Pure, Fresh, and Un-Refined. So unlike imported ourstery oils, you The following appears on the Amazing Herbs website:”Amazing Herbs Premium Black Seed oil (Black Cumin oil) is newly cold-pressed (first-pressing) utilizing just the greatest quality NON-GMO and naturally sourced Nigella Sativa seeds and Surefire 100% Pure, Fresh, and Un-Refined. So unlike imported ourstery oils, you will enjoy understand that our oil is fresh and the greatest quality offered anywhere.””Amazing Herbs now uses cold-pressed Black Seed oil in 2 Types: Premium and Egyptian. While the dietary benefits and chemical structure of both types equal, our Premium Black Seed oil has a spicy and pungent taste and is pushed from Indian or Turkish seeds, whereas our Egyptian Black Seed oil has a milder taste. Both are 100% pure and natural and are produced to the greatest quality requirements, devoid of pesticides, gluten, heavy metals, and preservatives.The bottles that we utilize are BPA-free and are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is simple to transfer and recycle. Extensively preferred in the health and nutrition market, HDPE is completely authorized by the United States and Canadian federal governments for veggie oils and has an untarnished record of health and wellness. We take all care possible in safeguarding the oil from light frequencies that even the darkest amber glass bottles enable through. The stability of our oils is among our greatest top priorities.”

Question Question 3

Does This Oil Help Eczema Skin Conditions?

our esthetician is very holistic and recommends black seed oil as a topical oil for skin ailments such as eczema and acne. we mix it with shea butter and apply to our body daily. we are always complimented on how soft our skin is.

Question Question 4

Is This Bottled In Glass Or Plastic?

As of summer 2016 these should be bottled and glass. If you are still getting a plastic bottle you are getting old oil.

Question Question 5

Is This Sold In Glass Bottles?

Yes, brown glass bottles.

Question Question 6

How Many Mg Are In A Teaspoon? Capsules Are 500Mg. We Read A Review That The Oil Is Markedly Increased.?

There are 5 grams in a teaspoon, Not mg1000 mg= one gram. Hope this answers your question. More is better when it comes to oil

Question Question 7

Does The Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil Oxidized After Open ?

no it did not oxidized after opening

Question Question 8

Does It Normally Come In Bottle With Sealed Cap?

Is there supposed to be a safety seal under the cap when we open it?

Question Question 9

Whats The Difference Between Premium And Egyptian Black Seed Oil?

From the website:Our cold-pressed, Therapeutic-Grade oils are offered in Two Varieties: PREMIUM and EGYPTIAN From the website:Our cold-pressed, Therapeutic-Grade oils are offered in Two Varieties: PREMIUM and EGYPTIANPREMIUM 100% Pure cold-pressed from organically grown Turkish Nigella Sativa seeds. Has highest amount of Thymoquinone (TQ) available (as much as 2.6%). Stronger profile, color and peppery taste.EGYPTIAN 100% Pure cold-pressed from organically grown Egyptian Nigella Sativa seeds. Thymoquinone (TQ) content is about 1/3 less than premium and has a milder profile, lighter taste and color.

Question Question 10

Recently Received This Order And The Top Cane Broken So We Had To Throw Away The Product Was Wondering If We Could Get A Replacement.?

we received a new a with no charge

Question Question 11

If Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil Is Manufactured In Georgia, Why Did The Price Double Since February 2017?

Shor supply of seeds

Question Question 12

Why Does Your 16Oz Premium Bottle Say 1.32% Thymoquinone But The 32Oz Premiumbottle Say .95%Thymoquinone?

Thank you for your inquiry. The 0.95 Thymoquinone is the minimum that each bottle contains despite the size.

Question Question 13

We Bought This Black Seed Oil For 28.17 Two Weeks Ago, Why Is It Now $45.98?

$45.98 is a great deal.The retail price is $69.95.

Question Question 14

With Such A Strong Taste, How Do You Take It?

we take a spponful, immediately followed with a glass of Orange juice, 2 or 3 drinks of juice and the taste is gone, we are still looking for something to mix it in to kill the taste but haven’t found anything yet,

Question Question 15

Do You Sell A3% Thymoquino Product? We Are Only Interested In 2.4% Or Higher?

Hello Cally, thanks for your question regarding our black seed oil. Hello Cally, thanks for your question regarding our black seed oil. To answer your question, in regards to the Thymoquinone (TQ) content in our Black Seed oil.The TQ levels are naturally occurring in Black Seed oil and will vary in percentages depending on where the seeds are grown. In fact, the amount of our Premium Black Seed oil can range from anywhere between 0.95 % all the way up to 2.5% per tsp and in rare occasions in the past it has been higher, but it is not common for our oil. We test every batch of our Black Seed oil for its TQ content and have found various levels even though the seeds are grown in the same place and under the same conditions. Our Premium Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) is grown in Southern Turkey and we find that the TQ levels in the oil pressed from those seeds is the highest (minimum of 0.95% or 47mg and as much as 2.5%) compared to seeds grown in other parts of the world.For a brief time, we were putting the exact percentages of TQ on the labels but our customers were finding this confusing and wondering why the change, so we stopped.We were also having to reprint labels each time the TQ levels changed (the label on the Swanson website is an older label of when we were printing the exact TQ levels) which is why we do not sell the oil based on the different levels of TQ only as each batch will vary.After receiving customer feedback, we have now decided to put ” a minimum of 0.95% TQ” on the label as this is the minimum amount of TQ in our oil.The amount may certainly be much higher in many instances, but our customers can be assured the amount is at least 0.95% (47mg).Hope that this answers your question. Let us know if we could be of any further assistance.Best of health,

Question Question 16

Is This Brand Therapeutic Grade?

Yes it is, and it s wonderful for your body. It has so many health benefits. we definitely recommend this brand.

Question Question 17

What Is Non- Gmo In This Product?

Non-GMO means non-genetically modified. GMOs (genetically modified organisms), are novel organisms created in a laboratory using genetic modification/engineering techniques ( Black seeds used in the product are not genetically modified.

Question Question 18

How Is It Produced?

we order the black seed oil because we learn that it really is helping our body. High blood pressure high cholesterol aching bones. And much more pull it up on your internet and read about the help it can do for you. And use it twice a day, you will be happy

Question Question 19

Is There Any Benifts Applying On Your Skin?

Yes there are many benefits to applying to your skin. It has helped us with wrinkles on our face, stretch marks, and sore muscles. Black seed oil has been the single best addition to our daily routine.

Question Question 20

What Is The Unpredictable Oils Portion? Thats One of the most Crucial. Treked The Cost $8. Speaks Volumes.?

The cost is increasing due to appeal

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Amazing Herbs Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

After comprehensive research on bso, we chose to offer it a shot for weight reduction and swelling concerns. We began taking bso on july 14th. We take it two times a day and use it to our skin where we have pains and discomforts. It has a moderate, peppery taste to me. We were anticipating it to be strong like oregano oil, however its really pleasing to the scheme. Since today, we have actually lost 11 pounds, minimized our swelling and enhanced our sleeping. We are follower and has actually included bso to our health routine. This is a product we will utilize for the rest of our life.

We never ever tasted anything so awful in our life. However, with all the benefits of this product, we consistently take it two times a day. The gagging deserves it. What are the benefits? whatever. We have actually lost 11 pounds, our joints aren’t hurting, no more irregularity and our sleep has actually enhanced greatly. And we are just 1/4 of the method through the bottle.

We simply got this in the mail, so we can not discuss the real efficiency of the product. We compared this product to black seed oil that we returned with from yemen and they are a little various. Amazing herbs is on the left. As you can see, it is lighter in color than the one from yemen. When we were blindfolded to smell both oils, the aroma for this wasn’t as strong as the one from yemen. And the taste of the yemenese black seed oil was incredibly. Like agonizingly pungent instead of the amazing herbs one, which, was much more moderate and bearable (still really pungent though). Needless to state, the amazing herbs black seed oil appears fantastic and has the ability to do an extraordinary task as it is, evaluating by these evaluations. Black seed oil is understood to come in differing strengths, depending upon its native origin/where its grown so this evaluation is not indicated as a reflection on the business’s ethical conduct. It is essential to take note of the strength of the thymoquinone material; the active component in black seed oil and among the main factors for black seed oil’s incredible efficiency. So the higher the thymoquinone material, the more effective the oil. This oil has 1. 1% thymoquinone quantity. The greatest black seed oils on the planet have as much as 4. 6% unpredictable oil and 2% thymoquinone material. We are presuming the one we have from yemen merely has greater thymoquinone material than the amazing herbs brand name. The fantastic feature of amazing herbs, is the cost relative to the quantity. 16oz for 25 dollars is a reasonably bargain * specifically * with such qualitative accreditations. As far as googling goes, the blessed seed brand name looks like the only business using more powerful black seed oils (~ 2% thymoquinone quantity). Though 18 dollars at 3. 4 oz is certainly a quite cent. We will be bought from them quickly too and will modify this remark to compare all 3. Our strategy is to utilize the amazing herbs brand name as simply a basic health care supplement, and on those days we have more irritating or instant health concerns, taking in the more powerful one (which we are expecting to be the blessed seed brand name). Though the amazing herbs brand name might most likely work simply great for whatever health/medical objectives you have, as the majority of the customers here are indicating. Hope this evaluation assists. Edit november 2 2016: blessed seed brand name had to do with the exact same in strength. We are still on the look for more powerful brand names. However this will do the job in the mean time.

This is great if you have cancer, works like chemokills cancer cells assists combat it off so it wont returned it assisted somebody we understand, god bless you people and never ever quit.

Excellent oil. Keeps us goingshoulder painknee painchest painall gone.

We can’t state enough good ideas about this product and the numerous healthbenefits We have actually been taking this gem for about 3 years. We are 34, and the one that we get the most from physicians is our heart rate is really calm and sluggish. They constantly state you must work out alot bc your heart rate is under 60? (we state a bit to proceed however readers, not rather). From physicians this is what you wish to hear. It suggests your heart is not straining providing blood to your body which you are more than most likely”fit” Something that we enjoy which we believe numerous ppl neglect. We have huge quantity of hd vibrant dreams. We were not a continuous or regular dreamer b4 black seed oil. If we did dream, we could not awaken and most likely remember it that well. Under black seed oil, we dream quickly 6/7 nites and we are most likely lying, its every night. We see it all and awaken and attempt to figure out the messages in our dreams (amusing however real). We anticipate going to sleep bc we do not understand what is going to be on the next episode of what remains in our head. Dreaming is effective. We extremely suggest this product and if you battle with taking bso by itself bc of the taste. Put a teaspoon of it on a spoon and after that include honey to that exact same dosage on the spoon, you will not even taste the black seed oil that heavy at all. Not to discuss if it is regional honey, you simply included another advantage to assist you with allergic reactions also. However seriously if you have actually taken shots of a liquors then you can manage a teaspoon-tablespoon of this health shot. Live life to the max.

Genuinely amazing product. We utilize it two times daily for weight loss in addition to the healthbenefits We make a tea with warm water, 1 tablespoon of black seed oil, honey, and natural cinnamon in the evening prior to bed and very first thing in the early morning on an empty stomach. We have actually observed midd area weight loss after the 3rd day. This mix is definitely amazing.

This resembles a tonic that we have actually been considering nearly a year as part of a mix treatment for arthritis. Our company believe that this oil that has a little a bite has actually assisted to minimize our hurting, agonizing joints. We can not state that it will work for you, however it has actually been a regular part of our self look after a great factor- it works for us.

We enjoy this product. We offer it to our kids and they struggle with ptsd and anxiety and we saw a total 360 modification. They are better and have more energy and we stopped to see if we would see a distinction we did. So one has adhd and she returned to being not able to cool down and focus. However when she takes her oil she can focus she can listen and she can stay made up.

Showed up well jam-packed and well sealed; relatively dark color strong odor and taste bad as we had actually heard it should. A pal asked us how it taste. We stated it taste like motor oil smells. Later we google “how should black seed oil taste. ” the response was “it taste like how motor oil smells. ” voice google it which’s the response you’ll get. Research reveals its helpful to your health. Nuff stated. We utilize 1 tablespoon of bso with 2 tablespoons of raw honey well stirred in a triple sized medication cup. We tilt our head back and put it nearly directly down our throat hardly touching our tongue while holding our breath( odor and taste are carefully associated). Took a few attempts to get it right. We instantly chase it down with our early morning mixed drink (citrulline, apple cider vinigar, lemonjuice, and apple cider) swish one swig of the mixed drink. Pop a halls cough drop in our mouth, then we are great to go. We make sure our liver heart skin and so on. Value the sacrifices we make.

Definitely amazing product with recovery homes. Since today we have actually just been taking it 16 days and it has actually decreased our high blood pressure we just take a half a tablet now and our high blood pressure remained in the 130s over 85 or 90 and now it s down to 115/79 or lower definitely amazing. Likewise assists us to sleep in the evening simply amazing product we will permanently have it. We have actually been taking 1 teaspoon in the early morning 1 teaspoon in the evening.

This is our 2nd time bought and we needed to include a 2nd one for our woman due to the fact that she saw the nearly instant outcomes it raised. This aids with weight reduction, decreases swelling and balances hormonal agents and we are just entering into our fourth week of taking it. Would certainly suggest to everybody we understand.

In our research for natural cancer fighters we discovered this. Our cancer has actually been entirely handled with our routines including this. Considering that it has a strong taste we put in in broth to delight in.

Product has actually been incredibly valuable in restoring body after chemo.

Oh our goodness. Gag us with a spoon. Lol?????? this taste awful. We are uncertain if it’s doing anything great, however it isn’t doing anything bad. A partner of mine recommended taking it for better general health. We will inform you this, you seem like you have actually achieved something simply by overcoming the taste of it. Lol ??.

Ok here s our evaluation. This holds true and life altering product. We have lymes illness. Babesia and bortanella stress. We daily concerns. Vision was a significant one and flow and raised bp and knee discomfort the list goes on. We wear t have time to lie about feeling one hundred percent treated. However we do not have one sign. The 2nd week of taking this we kept in mind no signs. This is a life altering product. We will buy this brand name this product for life. And take 2 spoons every night. Thank you for this product. If anybody has lymes. This is a video game changer. We feel blessed to have found a response after ten years of suffering.

Rids the body of parasites. Functions well on skin inflammation. Remedies whatever other than death. Love this things. Requires time to get utilized to the strong taste.

This is better than popping tablets for headaches. Typically around our menstrual we get a severe discomfort that even our physicians could not figureout We were recommended medications for it. Lastly we discover this oil and within hours a discomfort that we have actually been handling for a minimum of 2 years has actually gone. We take it a minimum of when a day often we even miss out on days and we still feel a hundred percentbetter By all methods this does more than simply recover discomfort this oil has more than 102 recovery powers simply google it.

We have actually been utilizing this product for a brief while. Among the very first things we recognized was the decline in knee discomfort. We likewise remember our dreams, whereas prior to we had problem doing. It likewise appears to be recovering our acne. We make sure it should be working it’s magic internally also. We will require more time to figure out the other benefits.

Terrific product. This is our 2nd purchase. This oil aids with our breathing concerns. We have actually not needed to utilize an asthma pump considering that taking this oil. Taste is not fantastic however it deserves taking a natural oil to fight wheezing rather of physician recommended medications which you need to consider life and have a great deal of negative effects,.

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